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I’ve known him since he was a little boy always been straight up honest. Has the background in law enforcement this country needs. — Lynn Barr

Steve is the right choice for Stephenson County Sheriff. — Dennis Bergman

Steve has the values that Stephenson County savors; family, community and equality. — Dan Fernstaedt

Thank you for everything you do to keep the people of Stephenson county safe. I would love a yard sign if you have any left. Back the blue! thank you again Lonnie Huenefeld — Lonnie Huenefeld

I had the pleasure of working for Steve at the jail and seeing first hand how he runs it. He is fair and consistent in what he expects from both employees and those being housed there. He is a man of integrity, reason, and understanding. A great next step for our county. — Randi Kohlbauer

Steve is a natural honest candidate for Sheriff! — Mike Lowary
Retired Illinois State Police Trooper

Steve and I both graduated from Northwestern College School of Police Staff and Command together. I’ve served with him and his wife, Robyn, as an officer and know this family well. I believe that Steve has the INTEGRITY, DRIVE, and COMMITMENT to be our next Sheriff. Did I mention INTEGRITY. Steve is the clear choice for our next Stephenson County Sheriff. — Ken Nesemeier

So what I’m taking away from all this is…. It is clear that you have @ 28 years of relevant and dedicated experience in law enforcement at literally every level and position from Ride along cadet to patrolman, special mission team member, trainer, ERT team leader, Detective, Director of Jail operations, Chief Deputy and have attended and Earned numerous accolades and 1000’s of hours of specialized education… Did I get that right? You’ve spent over 10220 days and nights protecting and serving your community. You have supported and stayed involved in local schools and sports and know literally everyone in this community and county. I’d say that makes you infinitely qualified to be the next Sheriff and we are lucky to have you. You have our Votes! — Dan Packard
Director of engineered solutions DOD/Gov

I work with Steve for several years. The results he had against criminals and serving the public was excellent. Steve as always excelled in every adventure he took on. Very qualified to serve Stephenson County as Sheriff. — Don Parker
Retired FPD

I have worked with Steve since 2014, when he started at the jail. If Steve thought there needed to be a change in policy or procedure, he took the initiative to make that change. Steve didn’t wait until he was the Sheriff to make changes. Steve didn’t wait to make promises of change during his campaign, he has been working tirelessly with staff to make changes. Steve will continue to make any necessary changes in the future, regardless of his position or job title, that’s just who he is. Steve Stovall is a highly qualified candidate for Stephenson County Sheriff and is the clear choice. Nick Pontnack — Nick Pontnack

I have known Steve my entire life. Growing up next door to Steve he and his brother were the brothers we never had. I can say wholeheartedly say that Stephenson County will be led by a person of integrity, honestly, and most importantly the most qualified person for the position. Steve’s experience is unequivocally the skill and knowledge we need in this position. We need someone who is able to listen to our citizens, but also is tough on crime and that person is Steve. — Lisa Sproule-Vakharia
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